Joyla Red

by Colorworks

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released September 15, 2015


all rights reserved



Colorworks Seattle, Washington

Colorworks intuitively indite hyper-­melodic pop creations driven by swooning harmonies and sun-­chiming guitar orchestration. With shrewd coaction, the quartet features the impressive skills of songwriters and vocal duo Bret Dylan (guitar) and Nick Myette (bass) alongside percussionist Andrew Ginn and guitarist/keyboardist David Easton. ... more

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Track Name: Joyla Red
Clouds on a summer sky - watched us with eyes
We didn't speak - just stared outside
At the pouring rain that poured into our minds

Stayed up 'til the sun colored the wine
Left in the glass that she knocked over
As she laughed and ran away

She left as we began
So I had to change my plan
To keep up with that girl
With hair so Joyla Red

Wine on the carpet stains - tells me that she
She's had her way - needs me to care
So she will say it's time to play

When I was a little boy
I could play with a simple toy
Didn't need nor depend
On a girl says she's my friend
When I get down
'Cause I get down

Trust is a funny thing - rises like smoke
From a house in flames - turn on the rain
Pour it on - say goodbye

She hides herself away
Won't come back to play
So I'm left to forget
The color Joyla Red
Track Name: Paris, You Take Care
You my dear propel from the ceiling
I'm sweating on the safe
His smiling fat face drooling and dreaming
The guard's coffee had been laced
I lifted the plans from Security Sam
As he beamed in on your legs
Honey here we are arms full of stars
Picasso Degas and Monet

Break down the backdoor to getaway
But Getaway Ray isn't there
He was rolled by a cop I'm told
Turns out her name is Claire
We hop the fence and I catch my pants
You say "It's Paris baby, you take care"
Kiss those dreams goodbye as the cops say hi
To my empty hands and white Hanes underwear

The red lights flashing all around
The handcuffs pressing on my spine
You had me before you were mine

In the courtroom a spectacle
Me with the perfect defense
The judge is pleased as I beg on my knees
Have some mercy on a miscreant
I'm doing the time for the perfect crime
Just a puppet in the master's hands
That's when I get a call from you
Living your life of luxury
With Claire as your company
Me in the taule
And you in the south of France
Track Name: Just Mine
Staring the sun down
Feeling the trains pass beneath my feet
I swear I heard her speak

Clearing my head now
Taking in the evening rain and somehow
I see her face in the clouds

Am I going crazy or just feeling down?

Driving the same streets
Passing places where we would hang around
Now they're just bad memories

Outside her place now
Fixing up stacks of all her hand-drawn art
To her windshield in the dark

Am I going crazy or is this just lack of sleep?
Am I going crazy or's that just how it seems?

Love can make you ten times what you are
When it's gone you doubt you question everything you are

Making it home now
There's no light no life behind the blinds
What was our's is now just mine

I am the fool now
Knowing that she's found herself another guy
Here I stand alone outside

What was our's is now just mine
Track Name: Feelings Lie
I don't know about the beauty of love
It's like a lie you can't perceive
Or maybe just with you baby
It's ruined for me
And maybe all the times we've had
Should stay memory

But don't take those away
I need them to believe
Even if they are fake
I'd like to think they were real

So tell me where your feelings lie
Cause I can tell you don't feel right
and I won't try to hold on
If you have given up
I will back down

A while ago we had a home on first hill
And I'll ignore the time we killed
to be there again

So tell me where your feelings lie
Cause I can tell you don't feel right
and I won't try to hold on
If you have given up
I will back down
Track Name: Memory Boy
Dear memory boy, where is your heart?
Did you drop it among the stars?
Where memory girl tilted the world
And tripped falling into the sky

Now you found a way to be polite
Now you speak your mind with only kind words

Oh memory boy your words are cruel
Hurling verbs like asteroids
And memory girl shrank like a moon
Her atmosphere escaped into space

But now you found a way to be polite
But now you speak your mind with only kind words

Time is killing all the pain
Even memory will fade
Boy and girl neither good nor bad

Dear memory boy, we're drifting apart
But you still take me back to the start
Where memory girl took me for a whirl
and I spun so fast I fell

Now I found out a way to be polite
Now I speak my mind with only kind words
Now I'm free to be mine
and she's free to be hers

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